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1:2400 Warships History

A Note From Dave:
For all those new naval hobbyists who have come into the hobby since Panzerschiffe began, a brief history of our company: Our ships and 1/2400 scale itself began in 1970 for the purpose of fighting naval battles in an area like a ping-pong table. The existing 1/1200 ships at that time were too large and expensive for wargaming. Ships were needed that were rugged but plenty detailed for gaming. Thus one-half of the 1/1200 scale was introduced. I made the Fiji, Bismarck, Gaalster, Salt Lake City, Graf Spee, Exeter, Leander, King George V, Hood, Prinz Eugan, and the H class destroyer as trial ships. By 1973 the ships had grown in numbers to 72 and we decided to advertise the ships for sale. My Tactical Game (TG-1) and Strategic Game (SG-1) were also released in 1973. Since then others have joined the 1/2400 scale market with metal ships. Panzerschiffe has grown to 550 ships with most of them made by our company exclusively.
David J. Dougherty

Panzerschiffe Naval Gaming System

TACTICAL GAME:The "TG" is a complete system of rules for tactical naval combat using miniatures of any scale. It covers the period 1890 to 1945 and contains data for 563 classes of ships from 19 countries. This system is an improved version of our highly acclaimed TG-2. It uses new randomization and torpedo methods which will make it a classic in tactical games. It still maintains the features of realism and speed of play of our earlier game. TG can be played solitaire or with a number of players. STRATEGIC GAME:The "SG" is a strategic level game containing seven World War II scenarios. The fleet contacts are meant to be fought using miniatures and tactical rules such as our TG, but a simple method, such as War at Sea, can be used. SG contains rules for converting map contacts to tactical battles, and also submarine and aircraft rules.The 7 scenarios are based on actual situations and include Bismarck, Arctic Convoy, Atlantic Raiders, Java Sea, Tokyo Express, Mediterranean, and Midway. The play is done using hidden maps and requires a third person to act as judge for the most realistic play.
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Making Originals for Panzerschiffe

Want a ship we don't make? Try your hand at making it yourself.
You can get multiple castings of it. Send for our instructions and terms.

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