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  • Panzerschiffe model ships are durable epoxy castings which come in a realistic gray color.
  • The warships will not get brittle and will last a lifetime or more.
  • The casting color makes painting unnecessary.
  • Details can be added using any hobby paint.

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Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.

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Model Name Country Class Sister Ships/Comments Price Image Buy
A-038 K-14 CLASS USA Aircraft anti-submarine blimp $5.00 Photo
L-003 ATLANTA (I) USA Anti-Aircraft Cruiser JUNEAU, SAN DIEGO, SAN JUAN $4.00 Photo
L-345 YANKEE USA Armed Merchant Cruiser BUFFALO, DIXIE, PRAIRIE, YOSEMITE $4.00 Photo
L-306 NEW YORK USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser   $4.00 Photo
L-307 BROOKLYN USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser   $4.00 Photo
A-101 TENNESSEE USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser & PENNSYL. classes - 10 ships $5.00 Photo
A-003 PORTLAND USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser INDIANAPOLIS $5.00 Photo
A-004 ASTORIA USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser N. ORLEANS, S. FRANCISCO & 2 others $5.00 Photo
A-040 BALTIMORE USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser 18 in class $5.00 Photo
A-027 WICHITA USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser   $5.00 Photo
A-001 PENSACOLA USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser SALT LAKE CITY $5.00 Photo
A-002 NORTHAMPTON USA Armored/ Heavy Cruiser HOUSTON, CHICAGO, and 3 others $5.00 Photo
B-503 LEXINGTON USA Battlecruiser SARATOGA and 4 sisters $6.00 Photo
A-139 UTAH USA Battleship FLORIDA $5.00 Photo
A-138 MICHIGAN USA Battleship SOUTH CAROLINA $5.00 Photo
B-116 NEW YORK USA Battleship TEXAS $6.00 Photo
B-115 ARKANSAS USA Battleship WYOMING $6.00 Photo
A-140 DELAWARE USA Battleship NORTH DAKOTA $5.00 Photo
B-024 NEW MEXICO USA Battleship MISSISSIPPI, IDAHO $6.00 Photo
B-002 INDIANA USA Battleship S. DAKOTA, ALABAMA, MASS. $6.00 Photo
B-026 NEVADA USA Battleship OKLAHOMA $6.00 Photo
B-003 WASHINGTON USA Battleship NORTH CAROLINA $6.00 Photo
B-004 COLORADO USA Battleship MARYLAND, W. VIRGINIA $6.00 Photo
B-005 TENNESSEE USA Battleship CALIFORNIA $6.00 Photo
B-025 PENNSYLVANIA USA Battleship ARIZONA $6.00 Photo
B-508 S. DAKOTA USA Battleship Class of never-built BB $6.00 Photo
B-201 NEW JERSEY USA Battleship as used in Vietnam $6.00 Photo
B-509 MONTANA USA Battleship $6.00 Photo
L-314 RESOLUTE USA Cargo Ship   $4.00 Photo
L-313 ZAFIRO USA Cargo Ship   $4.00 Photo
L-055 VICTORY SHIP USA Cargo Ship HUNDREDS $4.00 Photo
L-022 LIBERTY SHIP USA Cargo Ship Cargo ship $4.00 Photo
V-022 WASP USA Carrier   $7.50 Photo
V-017 ESSEX USA Carrier 24 in class $7.50 Photo
V-002 LEXINGTON USA Carrier SARATOGA $7.50 Photo
V-001 ENTERPRISE USA Carrier YORKTOWN and HORNET $7.50 Photo
V-027 RANGER USA Carrier   $7.50 Photo
D-306 McCULLOCK USA Coast Guard Cutter   $2.00 Photo
L-312 NASHAN USA Collier collier $4.00 Photo
D-121 CASSIN USA Destroyer & TUCKER Classes - 26 ships $2.00 Photo
D-101 SMITH USA Destroyer & PAULDING Classes - 25 ships $2.00 Photo
D-001 “FLUSH DECKERS” USA Destroyer 133 in class - 50 to G. BRIT $2.00 Photo
D-006 PORTER USA Destroyer 8 in class $2.00 Photo
D-005 BENSON USA Destroyer 96 in class $2.00 Photo
D-004 SIMS USA Destroyer 12 in class $2.00 Photo
D-003 CRAVEN USA Destroyer 22 in class $2.00 Photo
D-026 FLETCHER USA Destroyer 200+ in class $2.00 Photo
D-002 MAHAN USA Destroyer 18 in class $2.00 Photo
D-043 FARRAGUT USA Destroyer 8 in class $2.00 Photo
D-091 MAHAN USA Destroyer as built in 1935 $2.00 Photo
D-092 PORTER USA Destroyer as built in 1935 $2.00 Photo
D-093 FARRAGUT USA Destroyer as built in 1934 $2.00 Photo
A-201 SPRUANCE USA Destroyer 30 in class $5.00 Photo
V-018 CASABLANCA USA Escort Carrier 56 in class $7.50 Photo

Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.