Panzerschiffe 1:2400 scale warships

German Warships from World War II

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  • Panzerschiffe model ships are durable epoxy castings which come in a realistic gray color.
  • The warships will not get brittle and will last a lifetime or more.
  • The casting color makes painting unnecessary.
  • Details can be added using any hobby paint.

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Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.

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Model Name Country Class Sister Ships/Comments Price Image Buy
A-010 GRAF SPEE Germany Armored/ Heavy Cruiser SCHEER before 1942 $6.00 Photo
A-011 LUTZOW Germany Armored/ Heavy Cruiser SCHEER after 1942 $6.00 Photo
A-012 HIPPER Germany Armored/ Heavy Cruiser PRINZ EUGEN, BLUCHER (LUTZOW) $6.00 Photo
A-033 ALTMARK Germany Oiler NORDMARK, FRANKEN, plus 2 others $6.00 Photo
B-012 BISMARK Germany Battleship   $7.50 Photo
B-013 TIRPITZ Germany Battleship   $7.50 Photo
B-014 SCHARNHORST Germany Large Cruiser GNEISENHAU $7.50 Photo
B-510 H CLASS Germany Battleship 1939 design $7.50  
D-013 MAASZ Germany Destroyer Z-1 to Z-16 $2.50 Photo
D-014 NARVIK Germany Destroyer Z-23 to Z-39 $2.50 Photo
D-015 WOLF Germany Torpedo Boat & MOWE class - 12 ships $2.50 Photo
D-023 TYPE VII Germany Submarine 723 boats $2.50 Photo
D-039 S BOATS Germany Motor Torpedo Boat 3 boats on sm. base-S38 to S190 $2.50 Photo
D-046 T1 CLASS Germany Torpedo Boat T1 to T21 $2.50 Photo
D-073 T22 CLASS Germany Torpedo Boat T22 to T36 $2.50 Photo
D-074 K1 CLASS Germany Gunboat K2, K3 $2.50 Photo
D-075 M35 CLASS Germany Minelayer 69 in class - minelayers $2.50 Photo
D-082 M-BOAT Germany Minesweeper M-1 to M-256 $2.50 Photo
D-084 BREMSE Germany Minelayer   $2.50 Photo
D-087 IX CLASS Germany sUBMARINE 76 subs in class $2.50  
D-088 F CLASS Germany Sloop 10 A/S Ships in class $2.50  
D-089 BRUMMER Germany Minelayer   $2.50  
D-090 1939 Type Germany Minelayer 69 ships in the class $2.50  
L-012 KOLN Germany Light Cruiser KONIGSBERG, KARLSRUHE $5.00 Photo
L-013 LEIPZIG Germany Light Cruiser (NURNBERG similar) $5.00 Photo
L-019 EMDEN Germany Light Cruiser   $5.00 Photo
L-020 ATLANTIS Germany Armed Merchant Cruiser armed merchant cruiser $5.00 Photo
L-021 KARTEN Germany Oiler   $5.00 Photo
L-039 KOMET Germany Armed Merchant Cruiser THOR $5.00 Photo
L-060 ORION Germany Armed Merchant Cruiser 1940 $5.00
V-021 GRAF ZEPPLIN Germany Carrier PETER STRASSER $9.00 Photo

Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.