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  • Panzerschiffe model ships are durable epoxy castings which come in a realistic gray color.
  • The warships will not get brittle and will last a lifetime or more.
  • The casting color makes painting unnecessary.
  • Details can be added using any hobby paint.

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Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.

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Model Name Country Class Sister Ships/Comments Price Image Buy
L-325 NISSHIN Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser (KASUGA similar) $5.00 Photo
L-331 ASAMA Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser TOKIWA $5.00 Photo
L-332 IDZUMO Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser YAKUMA, ADZUMA, IWATE $5.00 Photo
L-354 NANIWA Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser   $5.00 Photo
A-013 FURUTAKA Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser KAKO $6.00 Photo
A-014 MYOKO Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser NACHI, HAGURO, ASHIGARA $6.00 Photo
A-015 TAKAO Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser ATAGO, CHOKAI, MAYA $6.00 Photo
A-016 MOGAMI Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser MIKUMA, KUMANO, SUZUYA $6.00 Photo
A-017 MOGAMI Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser post 1942 configuration $6.00 Photo
A-018 TONE Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser CHIKUMA $6.00 Photo
A-041 KINUGASA Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser AOBA $6.00  
A-043 KAKO Japan Armored/ Heavy Cruiser Furutaka / As built in 1928 with 6 single mounts $6.00 Photo
B-504 B-64 CLASS Japan Battlecruiser 9x12.2 inch gun battlecruisers $7.50 Photo
B-505 AMAGI Japan Battlecruiser Four never-built CB $7.50 Photo
B-507 KII Japan Battlecruiser never-built 20 inch gun CB $7.50 Photo
A-147 SETTSU Japan Battleship KAWACHI $6.00 Photo
B-018 FUSO Japan Battleship YAMASHIRO $7.50 Photo
B-015 YAMATO Japan Battleship MUSASHI $7.50 Photo
B-017 ISE Japan Battleship HYUGA (BB configuration) $7.50 Photo
B-016 NAGATO Japan Battleship MUTSU $7.50 Photo
B-506 TOSA Japan Battleship Four never-built BB $7.50 Photo
V-016 ISE Japan Battleship Carrier HYUGA (hybrid CV/BB config.) $9.00 Photo
V-039 AKAGI 1932 Japan Carrier 3 flight decks $9.00 Photo
V-030 TAIHO Japan Carrier   $9.00 Photo
V-003 ZUIKAKU Japan Carrier SHOKAKU $9.00 Photo
V-006 JUNYO Japan Carrier HIYO $9.00 Photo
V-011 SORYU Japan Carrier   $9.00 Photo
V-012 HIRYU Japan Carrier   $9.00 Photo
V-013 KAGA Japan Carrier   $9.00 Photo
V-014 AKAGI Japan Carrier   $9.00 Photo
V-015 SHINANO Japan Carrier   $9.00 Photo
V-026 UNRYU Japan Carrier AMAGI, KASAGI AND KASURAGI $9.00 Photo
V-034 CHITOSE Japan Carrier and CHIYODA $9.00 Photo
V-035 SHINYO Japan Carrier fleet carrier $9.00 Photo
V-042 CHITOSE Japan Carrier Chiyoda $9.00 Photo
L-043 ASHIZURI Japan Carrier Supply Ship SHIOYA - carrier supply ship $5.00 Photo
L-358 CHIYODA Japan Collier   $5.00 Photo
D-312 MURAKUMO Japan Destroyer 20 ships in class $2.50 Photo
D-122 AMATSUKAZE Japan Destroyer WWI Destroyers $2.50 Photo
D-020 MINEKAZE Japan Destroyer 13 in class $2.50 Photo
D-017 FUBUKI Japan Destroyer 20 in class $2.50 Photo
D-016 KAGERO Japan Destroyer 18 in class $2.50 Photo
D-050 MATSU Japan Destroyer 41 in class $2.50 Photo
D-071 SHIMAKAZE Japan Destroyer special DD w/15 torpedo tubes $2.50 Photo
D-047 WAKETAKE Japan Destroyer 12 in class $2.50 Photo
D-063 TERUTSUKI Japan Destroyer 16 in class-4 captured by GERMAN $2.50 Photo
D-018 SHIRATSUYU Japan Destroyer 10 in class-HATSUHARU similar $2.50 Photo
D-019 MUTSUKI Japan Destroyer 12 in class-KAMIKAZE similar $2.50 Photo
V-031 TAIYO Japan Escort Carrier CHUYO, UNYO $9.00 Photo
V-037 KAIYO Japan Escort Carrier   $9.00 Photo
D-078 180 ton tug Japan Fleet Tug 180 ton class of tugs $2.50 Photo
L-357 FUSO Japan Ironclad   $5.00 Photo
L-359 KONGO Japan Ironclad HIEI $5.00 Photo
D-052 TYPE 1 Japan Landing Ship Tank T-1 to T-12 $2.50 Photo
A-149 IBUKI Japan Large Cruiser KURAMA $6.00 Photo

Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.