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  • Panzerschiffe model ships are durable epoxy castings which come in a realistic gray color.
  • The warships will not get brittle and will last a lifetime or more.
  • The casting color makes painting unnecessary.
  • Details can be added using any hobby paint.

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Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.

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Model Name Country Class Sister Ships/Comments Price Image Buy
B-120 MORENO Argentina Battleship RIVADAVIA $6.00 Photo
D-119 CORDOBA Argentina Destroyer 8 in class $2.00 Photo
B-119 MINIAS GERIAS Brazil Battleship SAN PAULO $6.00 Photo
D-116 AMAZONAS Brazil Destroyer 10 in class $2.00 Photo
L-142 BAROSSO Brazil Light Cruiser   $4.00 Photo
L-141 BAHIA Brazil Light Cruiser RIO GRANDE DO SUL $4.00 Photo
A-146 O'HIGGINS Chile Armored/ Heavy Cruiser   $5.00 Photo
D-120 LYNCH Chile Destroyer 11 in class $2.00 Photo
L-149 ENCALADA Chile Light Cruiser   $4.00 Photo
L-148 CHACABUCO Chile Light Cruiser   $4.00 Photo
L-503 DeZEVEN PROVINCIEN Dutch Light Cruiser   $4.00 Photo
A-129 AVEROFF Greece Armored/ Heavy Cruiser   $5.00 Photo
L-119   Greece Cargo Ship typical med/sized freighter - WW $4.00 Photo
D-068 YDRA Greece Destroyer CONDOURIOTIS, PSARA, SPETSAI $2.00 Photo
D-066 AETOS Greece Destroyer LERAX, LEON, PANTHER $2.00 Photo
D-067 GEORGIOS Greece Destroyer VASILISSA OLGA $2.00 Photo
L-059 HELLE Greece Light Cruiser / Minelayer   $4.00  
L-038 KILKIS Greece Predread -naught/ Cst Dfnce LEMNOS $4.00 Photo
D-315 Torpedo Boats Many Torpedo Boat 2 typical 1890's TB's on a base $2.00 Photo
B-511   Netherlands Battlecruiser 1939 design $6.00 Photo
D-032 EVERSTEN Netherlands Destroyer 8 in class $2.00 Photo
L-027 JAVA Netherlands Light Cruiser SUMATRA $4.00 Photo
L-028 DE RUYTER Netherlands Light Cruiser   $4.00 Photo
L-029 TROMP Netherlands Light Cruiser VAN HEEMSKERK $4.00 Photo
D-074 K1 CLASS Norway Gunboat K2, K3 $2.00 Photo
L-052 NORGE Norway Predread -naught/ Cst Dfnce EIDSVOID (also used in WWI) $4.00 Photo
D-060 SLEIPNER Norway Torpedo Boat 6 in class-4 captured by GERMAN $2.00 Photo
D-055 GROM Poland Destroyer BLUYSKAWICA $2.00 Photo
D-037 BURZA Poland Destroyer WICHER $2.00 Photo
D-115 JADIGEAR Turkey Destroyer NUHUM, MAHABET, MUAVENET $2.00 Photo
D-086 KOKATEPE Turkey Destroyer ADATEPE $2.00 Photo
A-118 YAVUZ SULTAN Turkey Large Cruiser (S.M.S. GOEBEN) $5.00 Photo
L-133 HAMIDIEH Turkey Light Cruiser MEDJIDIEH $4.00 Photo
L-134 TORGUD Turkey Predread -naught/ Cst Dfnce REIS H. BARBAROSSA (Worth class/GERM) $4.00 Photo
D-085 DUBROVNIK Yugoslavia Destroyer   $2.00 Photo

Panzerschiffe ships have small sections and are breakable.
Please keep Panzerschiffe ships away from children under 10.